Scrolling text display STD-1140-03-R

Purpose and scope

Scrolling text display STD-1140-3-R (“R” stands for “red”) is intended for displaying monochrome textual or pseudo graphic information in the form of scrolling characters.

Scrolling text display can be used in vehicle interiors to show textual information about stops.

Information is loaded into the scrolling text display via the two-wire interface RS-485.

1. Scrolling text display STD-1140-3-K     1 pc
 2. Operation manual   1 pc


1. Height of the display symbol

 60 mm

 2. Number of display points


 3. Diameter of display points

 5 mm

 4. Point colour options 


 5. Information download interface 


 6. Supply voltage 

 (10…36) V

 7. Max. power consumption

 not more than 20 W

 8. Operating temperature range 

 (-40…. +65) С°

 9. Dimensions

not more than 808*102*60 mm

 10. Weight

not more than 3,1 kg


The scrolling text display is a set of 3 LED monochrome matrices of 8*32 pixels each, connected one by one sequentially (in a line).

The scrolling text display contains external or built-in power supply unit operating in the input voltage range from 9 to 36 V.

The text information is loaded in the line via the interface RS-485 (two wires).

Information can be presented in Cyrillic or Latin letters in lower or upper case, can contain up to 10 non-standard characters which have the size up to 8*12 points each.

The following effects are available: stopping the text, blinking, colour inversion, changing the speed of the text.


Warranty period of operation – 12 months. Average service life – not less than 5 years.


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