Digital clock and clock complexes on the basis of the clock DC-0160

1. Purpose.

Digital clock DC-0160-РXZ-N-M-Q indicates signals of exact time / date / temperature outside and inside. Clocks can be combined in clock complexes for the identical synchronous time indication.
Clock display modes:

  • - time;
  • - temperature
  • - time / temperature;
  • - time / date;

The clock can be used as a part of clock complexes of airports, auto and railway stations, schools and other institutions/organizations as primary (DC-0160-РXZ-N-M-1) and secondary (DC-0160-РXZ-N-M-2).

In school clock complexes the clock can be used with the automatic bell and audio signal system ABASS-0461 as a secondary clock.

 1. Digital clock DC-0160-РXZ-N-M-Q  1шт
 2. Antenna GLONASS/GPS (only for the primary clock)  1шт
 3. Temperature sensor TS-0160 (supplied by additional order)  2шт
 4. Operation manual (in the electronic form)   1шт

Note. The number of primary and secondary clock is defined by the Customer.

When ordering the clock, please refer to the classifier – the Pic. 1 below.

Pic. 1. Classifier for the clock. Note. Clock with the pixel pitch 4, 5, 8 mm can be made on request.

Structurally the clock is a supporting metal frame with LED modules in front, closed from the sides and back by a casing made of ABS plastic.

On the side of the clock here are wires for connecting a 220 V 50 Hz network, a temperature sensor, an interface cable for connecting clock to a complex, a connector for connecting a GLONASS/GPS antenna (only for primary clock).

Glow colour: red, blue, white, yellow, green.

Characteristics of the clock are given in the Table 1.

The clock does not require adjustment and when it is turned on, after a few seconds, it starts showing the exact time.

On the basis of only primary clocks, it is possible to build autonomous clock complexes in which clocks are not connected by wires as each clock is synchronized each from their antenna. (Pic. 2).

On the basis of primary and secondary clocks, it is possible to build complexes in which primary clock receives the exact time signal from the GLONASS/GPS satellite system and distributes it to all secondary clocks. please refer to Pic. 3.

Note. The automatic bell and audio signal system ABASS-0461 can be used as a primary clock.

Both in the first and the second versions, the clocks show the identical exact time and do not require any additional settings during operation, except for setting the time zone and selecting the display mode when it is turned on for the first time.

The difference between the versions is that in the first version there are no connection cables between the clocks, but there are more GLONASS antennas. In the second version all clocks are connected by a two-wire cable, and only primary clock has a GLONASS antenna. This must be taken into consideration when designing and installing the complexes.

The clocks are produced on the basis of LED matrices with the pitch 4, 8 and 10 mm (please refer to Table 1).

General and comparative characteristics of the clock are shown in the tables 1 and 2. 

Attention! All settings take effect after rebooting of the power supply or rebooting of the board of the control unit of the button S2.

Table 1. General characteristics of the clocks of the type DC-0160-РXZ-N-M-Q.


Parameter name, function

Value, note


Initial setting and clock rate correction

is not required


Display mode:

2.1. Time / temperature

2.2. Time

2.3. Temperature

2.4. Time / date

The display mode is set by the DIP switch S1

Time (hours, minutes) is shown in the format XX:XX

Temperature is shown in the format XX°C

Date is shown in the format “XX.XXг” (“г” stands for the “year” in Russian)


Temperature indication error in the range from -40 to +125 °C

(±0,5) °C



RS-485, SD card slot up to 32 GB

Digital input – 2

Output OC (open collector) – 2


Max. number of load switches on the network ~220 V, 50 Hz (subject to additional relay unit)* (supplied by additional order)



Operating temperature range

(-40 …+50) °C


Power supply

~220 V, 50 Hz

Table 2. Comparative characteristics of the clock of the type DC-0160-Х-N-M-Q.

No.  Type Dimensions of the indicator field, mm Dimensions of the clock, mm Weight, kg Рcons, W
1 ЦЧ-0160-Р10Z-1-1-Q 160х320х90 170х330х90  2 10
2 ЦЧ-0160-Р10Z-1-2-Q 160х640х90 170х650х90 3 20
3 ЦЧ-0160-Р10Z-2-3-Q 320х960х90 330х970х90 9 60

Note. Primary clock DC-0160-РXZ-N-M-1 clock and secondary clock DC-0160-РXZ-N-M-2 externally differ by the inscription on the nameplate and by the fact that the primary clock has a SMA connector for connecting the GLONASS antenna.

Pic. 2. Clock complex on the basis of the primary clock DC-0160-РXZ-N-M-1Pic. 3. Clock complex on the basis of the primary clock DC-0160-РXZ-N-M-1 or ABASS-0461 and secondary clock DC-0160-РXZ-N-M-2

Warranty period of operation – 12 months.

Average service life – not less than 5 years.

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