Non-contact control pedal NCCP-0020

Technical characteristics

Design and scope: to control devices, machine tools, semiautomatic devices, electromechanical objects in food, chemical, medical, electronic, pharmaceutical, wood working, machine-building and other industries.

The principle of operation is based on generation of a signal by pressing a pedal: the special shutter, mechanically connected to the upper cover of the pedal, blocks the path of the infrared ray going from the emitter to the receiver.

 1. Control pedal  1 pc.
 2. “2RM14B4G1.V” connector (counter block part)  1 pc.
 3. Operation manual  1 pc.


1. Dimensions

not more than 90×64×20 mm

2. Weight

not more than 0,3 kg

3. Max. number of operations during the average service life

is not limited

4. Design of the pedal is characterized by the exclusion of the most unreliable unit – contact group, therefore, the durability is determined mainly by the wear time of the axial support elements and the strength of the spring.


5. Supply voltage – any in the range

+(5…9) V

6. Max. consumption current

not more than 20 mA

7. “Effect of contact bounce” is excluded


8. There is no spark at the moment of switching.


9. When the pedal is pressed, depending on the position of the slide switch*, a single impulse / rising edge / falling edge is formed at the output.


10. Rising edge (LOG 0 / LOG 1)


11. Falling edge (LOG 1 / LOG 0)


12. Duration of the single short pulse

(20±5) ms

13. The amplitude of the output signal is equal to the supply voltage.


14. Connection cable length

not less than 2,5 m

15. Connector

2RM14B4G1.V (with a counterpart)

16. The input impedance of the controlled object must be at least

2 kΩ

*- In the absence of a switch, the pedal output is set to a rising edge. If desired, it is possible to change the type of the output signal by soldering the jumper according to Pic.1.

Warranty period of operation – 1 year.

Average service life – 7 years.


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