Device for dispensing liquids D1-0011


The device D1-0011 is made for dosed dispensing of liquids into ampoules, vials, bottles and other containers.

Scope of application

enterprises of the medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological and food industries.

Liquids for dispensing

medicinal, biological, chemical, food, technical and other liquids that allow contact with silicone rubber, the viscosity of which allows freely or under pressure (see below) to flow from a hose with a tip.

Electronic unit D1-001  1 pc.
 Control pedal NCCP-0020  1 pc.
 Power cord  1 pc.
 Drip-free nozzle*  
 Operation manual  1 pc.

* supplied by agreement.


The device is an open-type valve dispenser. The principle of operation is based on periodic releasing and clamping of the outflow channel (silicone hose) by the electromagnetic clamping device. Dose setting is carried out by dialing the appropriate dose time (release time) on the keyboard of the electronic unit.

Dose stabilization is achieved using a Mariotte vessel or creating a constant overpressure.


  • - dose volume – 0,5...50 ml;
  • - productivity – 0,5...50 ml/s;
  • - error from dose to dose (with the number of doses in a row without adjusting the dose not less than 1000) – not more than 1,5 %;
  • - storage time of installation modes and data after turning the supply voltage off – not less than 100 years;
  • - dimensions of the device with a stand – not more than 305×385×358 mm, weight not more than 16 kg.


  • - no contact of the working fluid with the metal;
  • - the possibility of prompt sterilization of the fluid line elements (reduced to sterilization of a silicone hose with a tip, the tip can be removed within 3 – 10 s);
  • - absence of side inclusions in the working liquid;
  • - tightness of the fluid line;
  • - simplicity, reliability, durability, minimum maintenance;
  • - the presence of outer control allows to build in the device into automated bottling lines;
  • - non-volatile memory of settings.


- Warranty period of operation – 2 years;

- Average service life – 7 years.

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