Adapter for recording signals from the telephone handset ARSTH-0590

If your organization needs an inexpensive device for recording telephone conversations of employees or dispatches on a PC (to control customer service, compliance with contract discipline, to register how much time employees spend on personal conversations etc.), we recommend you our adapter ARSTH-0590.

The adapter (see photo 1) is a simple device made in the form of a telephone box 4×3×6 cm. The adapter is able to work autonomously, it does not have power supply from the mains or batteries.

The adapter for recording signals from the telephone handset ARSH-0590 is designed to provide a two-way signal recording from the handset to a PC or tape recorder. The adapter can be used to record telephone conversations of dispatchers of various services and organizations in order to document the fact of the conversation and promptly restore its content.


1. Adapter (with the audio cable for recording device with the connector 3,5 mm of the plug type)   1 pc.
2. Twisted telephone cable (with TJ-4P4C connectors)  1 pc.
3. Operation manual  1 pc.


Bandwidth via channel “operator – recording device”, not narrower than 100 Hz 10 kHz* 
 Bandwidth via channel “client – recording device”, not narrower than 100 Hz   10 kHz*
 Dimensions   42х30х58 mm
 Weight   not more than 50 g

* Note. The specified bandwidth is provided when the input impedance of the recorder is not less than 10 kΩ;


The adapter provides routing of the subscriber’s and operator’s signals to the recorder, maintaining the parameters of the path “telephone handset – telephone” practically unchanged.
Адаптер подключается к аудиовходу звуковой карты ПК или магнитофона с помощью придаваемого кабеля.
The adapter is connected to the audio input of a PC’s sound card or tape recorder using the supplied cable. Structurally, the adapter is made in the form of a standard telephone socket. The colour of the socket is white, a black one is available on request.


Average service life – not less than 5 years.Pic. 1. Scheme of connection of ARSTH-0590

Warranty period of operation – 1 year.

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