Automated information system Sapsan-1062 for the railway stations

Purpose and scope

Automated information system “Sapsan-1062” for the railway stations is intended for automatic voice warning of people about the approach of the high-speed train “Sapsan”. 

Alerts are issued on a schedule via horn outdoor loudspeakers 15/10/8/6/4/3/2/1 minutes before the train arrives so that people can move in advance to a safer distance from rails in advance.

Additionally, the system has the following abilities: 

  • - to transmit dispatcher’s voice message via microphone;

  • - to organize clock complex of uniform time, which clock does not require adjustments and preliminary time setting for the entire period of operation;

  • - the ability to organize a system of LED info display panels and scrolling text displays with prompt loading of information;

  • - to sound automatically the activation of 2 outer sensors or buttons which are triggered due to emergency situations;

  • - to control automatically up to 2 external devices, e.g. a siren, a power amplifier.

Time determination is done via the satellite system GPS or GLONASS/GPS.

The system is intended for use at the railway stations, train stations etc. where there is a need to issue automatic warning about the approach of fast trains and a need to give automatic notification about schedule of train arrival and other information.

The system “Sapsan-1062” is fully autonomous. Working hours – round the clock.

 1. Automated information system AISBRS-1061 (with the SD card, microphone, audio cable and power supply) 

1 pc.

 2. Amplifying-acoustic complex (amplifier, horn outdoor loudspeakers)


 3. Programme 1061pc and necessary engineering documentation

 on CD ROM

 4. Operation manual

 1 pc.

* supplied by additional order

Main technical characteristics of the automated information systemunit:

 1. Max. number of audio fragments issued automatically according to the schedule


 2. Min. broadcasting interval of audio messages 

 1 min

 3. Max. duration of an audio fragment

 not limited

 4. Flash memory capacity (SD or SD HC card)

from 1 GB

 5. Max. continuous recording capacity with the 1 GB SD card

10 h (bitrate 96 kbps, 44 kHz)

 6. Nominal audio signal level at the line output

not less than 0,5 V

 7. Max. peak output power of the bult-in power amplifier at the load of 4 Ω at the supply voltage 12/24 V

Formula for calculating Ppeak=Um*Um/Rload, where Um is the max. signal amplitude.

not less than 2X (4/16 W)

8. Interface for connecting external devices

RS-485…. – 1 pc.

9. Maximum number of microphones with broadcast priority 

1 pc.

10. Ready time for operation after connection 

not more than 0,3 s

11. Continuous work time

not less than 24 h

12. Setting and adjusting the clock 


 13. Maximum length of a two-wire communication line of a timing clock with indicator display panels

not more than 1 km* 

14. Maximum number of the secondary clocks (indicator display panels) of the type IDP-012X 

32 pcs.*

15. Number of inputs for connecting external sensors of the “dry contact” type 

2 pcs.

16. Number of outputs of the “open collector” type (1 A max, 35 V max) 

2 pcs.

17. Supply voltage 

(220±42) V

18. Power consumption from the network 220 V

not more than 10 W

19. Dimensions

not more than 151*51*111 mm

20. Weight

not more than 0,81 kg

* - can be changed at the request of the Customer.

The characteristics of the amplifying-acoustic complex are determined by the parameters of its component. They should be as follows:

  • max. power of the amplifier – not less than 120 W;

  • max. power of the speaker – not less than 25 W;

  • number of speakers – not less than 2 pcs.

Design and principle of operation

The system in the minimum configuration consists of:

1) VAS unit on the basis of the device AISBRS-1061 (automated information system for the bus / railway stations);

2) audio power amplifier;

3) horn loudspeakers.

Note. The system allows the use of customer-owned power amplifiers and loudspeakers.


Additionally, the system can include:

  • LED indicator boards serving as a secondary clock;

  • LED indicator boards and scrolling text displays for visual display of information;

  • sirens etc.;

  • backup power supply with auto-rechargeable battery.



Initially, the schedule of informing is recorded on the FLASH card with the programme 1061 pc (included in the delivery set) – the flash card for this purpose is removed from the hatch of the unit. Then the flash card is returned to its place. All devices are switched on.

Within 1 min. exact time is determined by the GPS system or GLONASS/GPS unit. Then the unit sends a signal to the power amplifier and the loudspeakers according to the schedule set on the flash card.

The sound power is determined by the power of the amplifier and the speakers.

If a secondary clock system is connected to the unit, they display synchronous precise time.

If LED information display panels are connected to the unit, they can display text information.

If a horn or other executive device is connected to the unit via relay, they can be activated at the time set in the programme according to the schedule.

The VAS warns about the approach of a high-speed electric train “Sapsan” (or any other train) 15, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes before its arrival. During the last 2 minutes the warnings go on continuously. 

If necessary, the schedule of giving warnings can be easily changed (approximately within 5-10 min).

The VAS unit contains a built-in clock on the basis of GPS or GLONASS/GPS receiver with the external antenna, memory card of the SD type, microcontroller, mp3 decoder, power amplifier, sign-synthesizing liquid crystal display, outer power supply and interface for communication with the slave clock*.

The microphone is turned on by pressing the button on it. When microphone is turned on, the volume of the message being transmitted is reduced (if the message was being transmitted). The volume of the microphone and volume of the audio files is regulated separately by the button ‘Volume” and rewind buttons.  The information system has a separate line output for connecting an external power amplifier.

On the rear panel there are connectors for power supply, GPS antennae, line output and input, acoustics, RS-485 interface, RS-232, SPI, microphone, outer push-to-talk button and a microphone.

Photo 2. Audio power amplifier 120 W and automated information system AISBRS-1061 (automated information system on top), the amplifier is optional and is shown as an example.

Another amplifier can be supplied: Customer’s amplifiers or our Company’s amplifier can be used.

Warranty period of operation – 12 months. 

Average service life – not less than 5 years.

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