Information display panel of the stop shelter IDPSS-0743


The display panel of the stop shelter (photo 1) is intended to display information about the estimated arrival time of the transport vehicles to the bus stop. The table is intended for the passengers, standing at the stop waiting for the transport vehicle arrival.

Principle of operation and brief characteristics

The display panel has 3 and ⅓ information LED lines.

The upper ⅓ line shows alternating information: date / time / temperature.

The three lines below show information about the arrival of a transport vehicle at the stop. Each line contains the following information:

 - route No. (displayed statically);

- name of the final stop (displayed dynamically by the scrolling text or statically depending on the number of characters in the name);

- estimated time of arrival / how much time (in minutes) is left until arrival (displayed statically).

Furthermore, the lower line can be used for displaying service, advertising information.

If the number of vehicles arriving at the bus stop is more than three, the information regarding them is displayed alternating (scrolling) with an interval of 10 – 15 sec.

The display panel can be single-sided or double-sided (1/2) with red or yellow LEDs with the in-built or outer power supply unit with the accumulator (see supplement 1).

The display panel can be installed either of the roof of the bus stop shelter or on the pole standing near the stop.

The panel is fixed to the pole with special brackets.

The display panels are one of the components of the Automated Dispatch Management System of the urban public transport (please refer to pic. 1).

The principle of the system is as follows:

Transport vehicles, equipped with the satellite subscriber terminals, transmit their location coordinates in real time to the Automated Management System server. The Automated Management System server processes the data received from the transport vehicle, determines the estimated arrival time of the vehicle at each stop and transfers data to the display panel server. The display panel server transmits the data received from the Automated Management System server to the display panels upon requests from them with a period of about 1 min. The received data is displayed in the lines of the panel.

The panel communicates with the server via the GSM/GPRS cellular channel.

Pic. 1. Functional scheme of the IDPSS Automated Management System

The display panel has an anti-vandal design: the metal case and the glass made form the monolithic shockproof polycarbonate.

If the voltage on the ~220 V electrical network may periodically be absent, it is recommended to power the panel from the uninterruptible power supply.

Ordering and prices.

An example of writing the panel type when ordering:


*R – with red LEDs

**P – with the in-built power supply unit

The panel prices are given in the price-list.


The information display panel of the stop shelter (IDPSS-0743-Х-Х-Х), hereinafter “display panel”, in full equipment should provide the following functions:

1. Displaying information about the actual time of arrival of transport vehicles (buses, trolleybuses, trams) at the stop.
2. Displaying additional (service) information (in the form of the scrolling text).
3. Displaying the current exact time, date, temperature.

The display panel can be single- or double-sided (1/2), with red or yellow LEDs (R/Y), please refer to Supplement 1.

An example of writing the panel type when ordering:

IDPSS-0743-1-R* (one-sided with red LEDs)


The delivery set of IDPSS-0743-Х-Х includes:

  • 2.1 Display panel DP-0743-Х-Х............................ 1 pc;
  • 2.2 Set of assembly parts:
  •    2.2.1 mounting bracket  ……………………………………………...........1 pc;
  •    2.2.2. mounting bolt M 8х40 (with the inner hexagon) .........4 pc;
  • 2.3 Technical passport – 1 pc.

1. Dimensions and weight of the display panel

988х475х60 mm, 15 kg

2. Power supply of the display panel

supply voltage ~220 V, frequency 50±5 Hz

3. Rated power consumption for single/double-sided display

not more than 50/100 W

4. The number of sides for information displaying 0743-1-Х-Х


5. The number of sides for information displaying 0743-2-Х-Х


6. The number of information lines on each side


7. The number of characters in the 1st (top) line


8. The number of characters in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th line

16 in each

9. Height of the symbol

60 mm

10. Length of the first line

not less than 237 mm

11. Length of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th line

717 mm

12. Line spacing

not less than 47 mm

13. Standard of receiving data about coordinates, time, date

GPS or GLONASS/GPS, protocol NMEA0183)

14. Channel of data upload into the display panel

GSM/GPRS (850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS class 10, protocol TCP/IP)

15. Configuration channel


16. Algorithm for changing the brightness of display LEDs depending on the illumination


17. Time indication error on the display panel for the entire operation time without adjustments during the start-up and operation

not more than 1 sec

18. Error of the temperature sensor in the temperature range (-40 ... +80) ºС

not more than 0,5 ºС

19. Ability to issue automatically the coordinates of display panel installation place to the dispatch centre


20. The maximum distance of information visibility on the display panel in any weather

not less than 15 m

21. LEDs colour

red (orange, yellow to order)

22. Working temperatures range

not narrower than (-30 ...+40) ºС


IDPSS (photo 1, pic. 2) is made in the form of the information field consisting of red LEDs. Information, transmitted to the display panel, is displayed on four lines from two sides. Change of information in each line is possible both in the form of instant replacement and in the form of the scrolling line.

The upper line periodically displays current date / time / air temperature.

The route information is displayed on the 2nd and 3rd lines. The scrolling line for each vehicle includes information about the route number, time until arrival at the stop (in minutes).

The 4th line is intended for displaying various text information: information from the transport company, information about emergency situations, advertisements.

Note: if the vehicles passing through the stop are not equipped with the navigation equipment, the arrival time of these vehicles is not automatically displayed.

The number of the displayed routes is not limited. If there are more than 2 routes at the stop, the routes are displayed cyclically with the given period depending on the number of routes passing through the stop.

IDPSS is made in the metal protective case. Both sides of IDPSS are protected by the impact resistant plastic.

An SD card and a SIM card are located on the bottom panel of the display under the cover.

IDPSS is mounted on the structural elements of the stop shelter. An electric cable with the voltage 220 V designed for power consumption up to 200 W is supplied to the display panel.

Operating mode of the IDPSS-0743 – around-the-clock.

Pic. 2. Display panel IDPSS-0743.


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