Route information system for the bus PAZ Vektor NEXT with the full-colour front RGB display panel

We present you our unique offer for equipping buses PAZ Vektor Next with a set of full-colour front LED display panel at a special price. 

The promotional price of the set is 40 800 rubles if ordered before 01.06.2021

The equipment is suitable for the programme “Accessible Environment” and meets the needs of passengers with limited mobility, including visually impaired.

We offer you the Voice Announcement System VAS-0651U (with the microphone M-0905, SD card and GLONASS/GPS antenna) to activate the display panel.


It possible to installin-cabin display panel LED RDP-0630-Р10Y-1-2, which size is 160x640 mm, instead of the scrolling text display STD-1113.

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