Passenger counters PC-037X

Technical specifications

Our enterprise offers you passenger counters of the type PC-037X (PC-0371, PC-0374), developed and produced by ourselves, so that you can easily obtain the objective information about the passenger flow, which allows you to optimize the routes and therefore increase profitability.

Passenger counters of the type PC-037X ensure the counting of passengers, transported by the transport vehicle with one or two doors, the opening width of which is designed for the passage of one passenger (“PAZ” buses with one or two folding doors, mini buses of the types “Gazel”, “Ford”, “Iveko” etc.).

In comparison with the dashboard cameras which are also currently used to counter the number of passengers, passenger counters are distinguished by the automatization of counting of passengers, giving the result – the number of passengers transported within a certain time period.

The declared error of the devices does not exceed 5%.

The operating experience in many cities such as Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg, Novorossiysk, Kazan, Minsk etc. has shown that real errors make up 2 – 3 %.  

According to the customers’ reviews of the PC-037X, their payback period is 2 – 4 weeks.

The counters:

  • - carry out calculation and indication of the number of passengers getting on and off the bus;
  • - register and save in the report the facts of switching on/off external power supply, sensors failure or their deliberate blocking (fraud);
  • - have the interface for resetting data to PC for the purpose of detailed study of the passenger flow within days, hours.

The counters (photo 1) operate on the principle of registration of infrared beam interruption between the counter’s transmitter and receiver by a passenger walking through.

Comparative characteristics of the counters PC-0371, PC-0374 are given in the table 1 below.

PC-0371 (photo 1) is different form the PC-0374 (photo 3) in that it has event memory, LED indicator, built-in real-time clock. PC-0374 does not have these options, as it is intended for use in conjunction with the satellite subscriber terminal.

Information from the PC-0371 is acquired from the COM-port on a computer or using the reader R-0371.103 specially designed for this purpose (photo 2).

PC-0374 transmits the information to the subscriber terminal via the interface RS-485 or one wire (1 impulse per 1 event). The subscriber terminal in real time transmits information about the passenger flow to the dispatcher’s personal computer.

For the joint operation with PC-0374 the terminal must have either the RS-485 interface or impulse complementing input.


After transferring data to the personal computer using the free software (photo 4), the passenger flow of one or several transport units can be analyzed.

The source data for the analysis is:

  • - state vehicle number or counter’s number,
  • - date or time interval of interest,
  • - discretization of analysis.

The analysis result is presented in the form of the table and graph (photo 5).

The programme has a user-friendly interface, runs on Windows XP.

 1. Max. counter capacity (number of events)


 2. Max. number of entries in the non-volatile memory 


 3. Max. time of the autonomous information storage  

10-12 months 

 4. Built-in clock (calendar) with the ability of time/date correction from the computer


 5. Built-in 4-digit LED indicator


 6. Built-in redundant power supply


 7. Saving the clock rate and counter contents when the power is turned off (storage mode)


 8. Data saving time in the marks report

 not less than 100 000 h

 9. Time of the IR-beam interruption, perceived as unauthorized interruption of the sensor

 more than 1 min

10. Time of continuous operation in the normal mode 

 not less than 24 h

11. The error in the number of passengers transported within the full trip

not more than 5 %

12. External interface RS-232 with logical levels 0-5 B


13. Max. cable length from sensors to the control unit

not less than 500 m*

14. Supply voltage 

+(9...18) V

15. Automatic protection against polarity reversal and overvoltage in the power circuit up to 250 V


16. Current consumption (work mode)

not more than 0,15 A

17. Current consumption (storage mode)

not more than 20 μA

18. Operating temperature range

(-40…+50) °C

19. Dimensions of the counter unit

not more than 80 × 95 × 45 mm

20. Overall and installation dimensions are shown in the pic. 1, 2


* using the wire brand SHVVP-2 × 0,75

Installation of the PC-037X sensors.

The PC-037X sensors can be installed either outside or inside the transport vehicle.

The external installation of the sensor is recommended for the buses of the type PAZ-3205, which have the doors folding inside without a protrusion when folding.

The inner installation of the sensor is recommended for the transport vehicles with sliding and swing doors.

Table 1. Comparative characteristics of the counters of the type PC-037X.



Max. number of doors


Inner flash memory

Built-in clock

Docking inteface

Dimensions / weight of the control unit, not more than




4-digit 7-segment LED




100 × 80 × 45 mm / 0,3 kg







RS-485, impulse

135 × 85 × 35 mm / 0,2 kg


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