Transport loud-speaking device TLD-0047

Purpose and scope

Transport loud-speaking device TLD-0047 transmits voice information from the driver or other person to the passenger compartment (bus, trolleybus, tram with the power supply voltage 12/24 V).

Note: TLD-0047 can be used for school buses or other transport vehicles where not only internal transmitting of voice information is required, but also the external one.

1. Transport loud-speaking device – 1 pc.

2. TLD holder – 1 pc.

3. Operation manual – 1 pc.

Note.   1. The delivery set includes mating connectors for the TLD.

2. It is possible to supply a set of toggle switch, loud-speakers and decorative lattice (as agreed).

3. TLD can be delivered with the connector of the type SG-5 or the switch box and two paired car connectors 6,5 mm.


Structurally TLD is made in the form of a dynamic microphone housing, inside which a PCB with circuit elements and microphone is mounted.

TLD is connected to the socket connector, installed on the dashboard of the transport vehicle using the twisted cable which has the telephone plug at the one end and connector of the type SG-5 at the other end (photo 1b).

The acoustic signal is converted by the microphone into the electric one, is given to the preamplifier and power amplifier and then to the loudspeaker heads. The output signal is adjusted using the trimming resistor. The talk mode is provided by pressing a button on the TLD housing.

TLD can work both on the internal and external loudspeakers. Switching must be done by the toggle switch.


1. Frequency range

not narrower than (300…10000) Hz

2. Rated supply voltage

 +(12/24) V

3. Rated load resistance at the supply voltage 12 V 

Rated load resistance at the supply voltage 24 V

 4 Ω

8 Ω

4. Max. output power of a sinusoidal signal at the load of 4 Ω at the supply voltage 12/24 V and distortion factor = 10%

not less than 4/16 W

5. Max. permissible output voltage

not more than 30 V

6. Ready time for operation after connection

not more than 1 sec

7. Ready time for operation after pressing the button

not more than 0,1 sec

8. Recommended work cycle of the TGU: 10 sec – information transmission, 1,5 min – silent mode


9. Consumption current in the silent mode,

in the max. power mode at the load of 4 Ω at the supply voltage 12/24 V respectively

not more than 80 mA 

not more than 0,35/0,8 А

10. Operating voltage range

9-33 V

11. Operating temperature range

(-20…+40) °С

12. Dimensions

not more than Ø 50 х 170 mm

13. Weight

not more than 0,2 kg

Pic. 1. Connection scheme of the TLD-0047 (Version 1)

Pic. 2. Installation dimensions for mounting the SG-5 connector to the panel of the transport vehicle

Pic. 3. Connection scheme of the TLD-0047

Warranty period – 12 months.

Average lifetime – not less than 5 years.

Basic technical specifications

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