Transport intercommunication device TID-0048


Transport intercommunication device TID-0048, hereinafter TID, is intended for providing communication between the driver and the passenger, located in the soundproof parts of the transport unit(cabin – car body, driver’s compartment – passenger compartment of the bus, trolleybus, tram etc.).

1. TIDunit

 2 pcs.

2. TIDunit holder

 2 pcs.

3. Connector for the TID

 2 pcs.

4. Operation manual

 1 pc.



1. Frequency range

not narrower than (300…8000) Hz

 2. Supply voltage  

 +(10…30) V

 3. Load resistance

 (4…8) Ω

 4. Max. output power of a sinusoidal signal at the load of 4 Ω at the supply voltage 29,4V

 not less than 15 W

Max. output power of a sinusoidal signal at the load of 4 Ωat the supply voltage 14,7V

 not less than 4 W

5. Max. permissible constant output voltage 

40 V

6. Recovery time after removal of max. permissible supply voltage 

not more than 0,1 s

7. Ready time for operation after connection

not more than0,3 s

8. Ready time for message transmission after pressing the button

not more than0,3s

9. Continuous work time 

not less than16h

10. Consumption current in the silent mode

Consumption current in the max. power mode at the load of 4 Ω

not more than 60 mA

 not more than 3A

11. Call signal frequency 

(300±150) Hz

12. Operating temperature range 

(-40…+50) °C

14. Dimensions of the TID unit

not more than Ø32×150 mm

15. Weight of the TID unit

not more than 0,15 kg



TID(photo 1) provides simplex communication (alternate transmission of subscribers’ voice messages).

The acoustic signal from the subscriber, converted by the microphone into the electric one, is given to the amplifier and then to the loudspeaker of another subscriber.

The call and talk mode is provided by pressing the call and talk buttons of the TID unithousing. Structurally the TID unit is made in the form of the plastic tube, with the PCB with the microphone and the amplifier mounted inside.

One of the TIDunits is “master” (it can interrupt the message of the second one), another one is “slave” (it does not have this function).

The master unit has the redpower indicator at the end face, the slave unit power indicator is a green one.

Pic. 1. TID-0048 connection scheme


Warranty period: 12 months.

Warranty storage period:6 months.

Average lifetime: not less than 10 years.


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