Sound backup of the turn signal SBTS-0484


Sound backup of the turn signal SBTS is intended for sound duplication of the turn signal of transport vehicles. Its use helps to eliminate ambiguous situations on the road and increases traffic safety.

SBTS-0484 can be used in other devices which require an audible alarm when the device is triggered, e.g. to signal reverse movement in the car, change of direction of different devices, triggering of alarm etc.

1. Sound backup of the turn signal – 1 pc.

2. Operation manual – 1 pc.

1. Sound emission frequency

(3500±15%)* Hz

2. Sound pressure

not less than 87 dB

3. Supply voltage range

Rated supply voltage

Max. supply voltage

+(10...30) V

+12/24 V

+35 V

4. Continuous work time

not less than 24 h

5. Maximum power consumption

not more than 20 mA

6. Operating temperature range

(-35…+75) °С

7. Dimensions

not more than Ø37х35 mm

8. Weight

not more than 0,1 kg


SBTS-0484 (photo 1) contains a built-in sound generator and sound piezoceramic emitter.

The sound generator starts when the supply voltage +(10...30) V is applied.

The device is made in a shock-resistant plastic case and is fixed on the panel using one coupling nut.

Pic. 1. Dimensions of the device


Pic. 2. Connection diagram

Here “K” is a key or relay contacts, the actuation of which triggers a sound signal.

SBTS has two knife (car) contacts 6.5 mm wide for the connection. 

When connecting, please observe the polarity indicated on the body of the device.

Principle of work

When the key K is closed, the voltage of the positive polarity +(10…30) V is applied to the terminals + and – of the device and it starts emitting sound signal.

In case the volume of the sound signal is too high, it can be reduced by adding a resistor to the circuit in series with the key. The resistor value is selected depending on the required sound power.

Resistor power is from 0,25 W and above.


Warranty period of operation – 12 months.

Average service life – not less than 7 years.

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